Bikini Body Training

The previous article mentioned that most women desire a man with the “Adonis” look.  Now let’s get into what men want, or the look that women want to achieve.  Just as women don’t necessarily want a guy who is overly muscular, most men are definitely not looking for a woman who looks like the stereotypical female bodybuilder.   Instead, men want a woman who looks lean and feminine–just enough muscle to put curves in all the right places.  We’ll call this a bikini body, and there’s a pretty good program out there for ladies who want to look this way.  Jen Ferruggia has put together the perfect combination of weight training and diet that can completely transform the way you look–if you are willing to apply yourself and be disciplined.  Her workout has delivered results with thousands of clients and the proof is in the transformations.  You can check out this video if you’d like to learn more: