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Bikini Body Training

The previous article mentioned that most women desire a man with the “Adonis” look.  Now let’s get into what men want, or the look that women want to achieve.  Just as women don’t necessarily want a guy who is overly muscular, most men are definitely not looking for a woman who looks like the stereotypical female bodybuilder.   Instead, men want a woman who looks lean and feminine–just enough muscle to put curves in all the right places.  We’ll call this a bikini body, and there’s a pretty good program out there for ladies who want to look this way.  Jen Ferruggia has put together the perfect combination of weight training and diet that can completely transform the way you look–if you are willing to apply yourself and be disciplined.  Her workout has delivered results with thousands of clients and the proof is in the transformations.  You can check out this video if you’d like to learn more:

The Adonis Look: What Women Really Want

Check out a magazine rack at a nearby store and chances are you’ll find plenty of magazines dedicated to bodybuilding. These publications are filled with pages of “chemically enhanced” guys that look like they could bench press a small car. Impressionable young men may get the idea that this is a look they should emulate or strive for.

Is The Bodybuilding Look Realistic?

But there are good reasons to reconsider trying to turn yourself into a 300 pound monster. even_more_huge_by_bigteenbodybuilderOne is that this look is probably not realistic for most of the population. Chances are you don’t have the genetic makeup to get anywhere near that big. Not everyone was born to look like a bodybuilder or professional wrestler.

Another thing to consider is the massive doses of drugs (steroids) these guys are taking. This used to be something they tried to keep under wraps, but the internet has done a great deal to uncover the dirty little secrets of professional bodybuilders. Granted, the media has exaggerated the dangers of steroid use. But modern competitive bodybuilders take some mind-blowing doses that just can’t be good for health.

A Sane, Sexy Alternative: The Adonis Look

But don’t get discouraged because there’s good news: the average woman could care less if you have 18-inch biceps. She probably considers that amount of muscle excessive. What women really find physically attractive is attainable by those with very average genetics. What would this desirable physique look like?

We’d start off with a good shoulder-to-waist ratio. Broad shoulders and a lean waist create a “v-taper” look that women love. Remember we are talking about a reasonable level of muscularity here–you don’t have to be massive in order to have this look.

Next you’d want muscular arms: not necessarily 18-inch “guns”–just some development in your biceps and triceps. Adding just an inch or two to your arm girth will go a long way in giving you a more athletic look.

Your upper body will also look better if you can add a little mass to your pectoral (chest) muscles. Adding some mass here will also help get rid of “man boobs,” when you combine it with a lowering of your body fat level.

AdonisOnce you add some strength and size to your legs your physique will almost be complete. You’ll have aesthetically pleasing proportions that some call the Adonis Golden Ratio.

I’ve mentioned adding modest levels of muscle mass in order to have an appealing body. But there’s one more aspect that will make or break your physique: your body fat level. It doesn’t really matter how much muscle you build if it is all obscured by fat. You have to get lean if you really want the kind of body that women will find attractive. And getting lean will require you to make some serious dietary adjustments. You’ll have to increase your protein intake, cut back on simple carbohydrates, and make sure you are using more calories than you are consuming. Cardiovascular exercise is also helpful for burning extra calories.


In summary, you don’t have to get massive in order to have an attractive body. You simply need to apply yourself and make the most of your genetic potential.